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Aout 2012 - Le dernier album de God Equals Genocide intitulé Rattled Minds vient de sortir en France sur Orange Juice Records & Corn Dogs Records. 3 euros + port. Envoyez un mail pour les distros.

Juin 2012 - Underwood#9 est sorti. 3 timbres à l'adresse en bas de la page du site ou 50 cts de la main à la main.


God Equals Genocide - Rattled Minds

Cassette, 100 copies, 2012, co release avec Corn Dog Records

1.Give It Up Front 2.Wastin' Time 3.Stranger's Dog 4.I Don't Wanna Wake Up and Be You 5.You're Different 6.Why 7.Give Me a Break 8.A Place 9.Walk Away 10.Get Out of It

Every Second Week -...Greyhound 2004-2009 (discographie)

CDR DIY 2011, co release avec Pop N' Sandals

1.This Ship 2.Growing Old 3.Alone 4.Empty 5.Intro 6.Still Good Friends 7.What I Hopes For 8.Another Year 9.Ask The Trends 10.Live

1-4 : S/T (2008)
5-9 : James S. Hook Ep (2006)
10 : Live chez La Mama, enregistre le 19 avril 2008

God Equals Genocide - 3 Eps, 2 Splits, 4 Cdrs, 2 Tours, 4 T-Shirts, & Now A Tape!

Cassette, 80 copies, 2011

1.It Doesn't Work For You 2.It Keeps Coming Back 3.Backtrack Home 4.This Is Is, That Was Was 5.Don't Watch Me Squirm 6.I'm Bound 7.Guilty of the Same 8.La Yerba de los Caminos (traditional) 9.I Don't Wanna Hear Your Clever Ideas 10.Come Home Pilgrim 11.City of Nails 12.Letter to My Critics (Shang-A-Lang) 13.Life of Doubt 14.I Just Wanna Sustain 15.You Make Me Feel Crazy 16.Have You Ever 17.Lost Time 18.Miracle Time 19.Myspace Devil 20.Ya Never Know 21.Those Days 22.Wearin' Me Down

1-4 : It Wasn't Made For Us EP (2010)
5-6 : No People split EP (2010)
7 : Compilation Dirt Cult Records vol.2 Cassette (2009)
8 : God Equals Genocide, 2007-2009 CDR (2009)
9 : Compilation en soutient au 1919 Hemphill au Texas (2009)
10-12 : Shang-A-Lang split EP (2009)
13-16 : Life of Doubt EP (2008)
17-22 : This World Is Wearing Me Down EP (2007)

Nuisance Capitale

7", 500 exemplaires, 2010, co release avec Creepozoid Productions, Falling Down Records, Fat Beavers, Slow Death Records, Middle Class Zombies Attacks, All Is Blue Entertainment, Et Mon Cul C'Est Du Tofu?

Desecrator - Intifada
Crippled Old Farts - Washed Up Shore Memories
Les Louise Mitchels - Ca Mange Pas De Chien
Unlogistic - Fulk
Fat Beavers - Naive Again
10Lec6 - Crook Head

Insurgent Rats / Kommunen -Split

Cassette, DIY 2009

Insurgent Rats 1.Background Music 2.Gasoline 3.Grab It 4.F.S.A 5.No Money,No Job 6.Yellow Jacket 7.Nothing Left 8.Crippled Cop 9.Wasting Time
Kommunen 1.Den Svenska Modellen 2."Jag Ar Inte Racist, Men..." 3.Lasse Lasse Leijonborg 4.Reinfeldt 5.Aganderatt 6.Gammal

Fat Beavers (les deux premiers cd)

Cassette, 100 copies, 2009, co release avec Pop N' Sandals

1.Both In A Bath 2.Brain Disease 3.My Room 4.Such A Mess 5.Robots On Heat 6.Stupid Shirt 7.High Definition Spurts 8.Decay 9.Dure 10.A Nice Day 11.Pain Time Killer 12.Untitled 13.Time Is Too Short 14.Idiots As Cab Driver 15.NoName Yet 16.I Hate Sundays 17.I Don't Like Your Party 18.Pimh 19.On a Map 20.There's No End To That Shit 21.Great Expectations 22.Dickhead 23.Surfer Architect 24.Save The Tortoise

The Hartford Whalers / Parasites Go! / Patsy Mother Fucking Cline

Split Cassette & Cdr, DIY 2008

The Hartford Walers 1.Road Trip To Gainesville 2.Comstock Park 3.Andre' LaCroix VS. The SBB 4.Jeff's Song 5.Gloomie Cookie 6.Beer Boxes 'n' Embaliming Fluids 7.Another EAstown Party
Patsy Mother Fucking Cline 8., 9., 10., 11., 12., 13.,
Parasites Go! 14.You Don't Know Wanna Hear About It 15.Why? 16.Lame City 17.What?! 18.Black And White 19.Jihad 20.Standing Anyway 21.Insignificant 22. Parasites Go!

Kommunen - demo

Cassette, DIY 2006

1. Reinfeldt 2. Det Nya Partiet 3. Gammal 4. Ingen Punk Pa Operan 5. Folkpartiet 6. √Ągander√§tt 7. Atomreggae 8. Den Nya Borgerligheten 9. Lisbeth Linderborg 10. Vi Fortsaetter Spela Rocknroll Fast Vi Haller Pa Att Doe


Misfist -lp(2012)
The Sioux - 7" (2010)
Les Louise Mitchels / Sex Drug & Rebeticko - Split Lp(2009)


Corn Dog Records
I Lost My Idealism (distro zines)


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